Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mit der Bahn!

Wollen Sie mit der Bahn fahren?  Warum nicht.  Man muss nicht an Verkehr denken. 

Sie koennen alles selber buchen.  Finden Sie diesen Link:

Gute Fahrt!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Austrian Pop - Still popular in Austria

When I was in college, I enjoyed a group called STS.  We went to their concernt and really enjoyed the music and the fans.  They were all so well behaved, I couldn't believe it.

Here is the STS Fan page.

Here is what they look like to day:

Here is "Kalt und Kaelter":

Here is what they used to look like when they were young.  "Grossvater" is a heartfelt song.

There is perhaps their most popular song.

Here is another singer, but with a similar style.
Rainhard Fredrick: Traenen Trocken schnell (Tears dry fast).

By the same artist:  I am from Austria

Here is another style, especially for those who like "Skifoan" (Skifahren) by Wolfgang Ambros

George Danzler sings this song in der Hochsprache, so you may understand it better than the others.
Title: Du fehlst Mir so.  (I miss you so.)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Austrian School of Economics

Links & Information on the Austrian School of Economics:

Ludwig von Mises is the main theorist for this school of thought and his writings exist in German and English.  It is suggested that the reader start with the Ludwig Von Mises Institute listed below:

For beginners interested in economics, it is suggested to read any of the following resources:

For those pressed with time, Henry Hazlit's Economics in One Lesson is the easiest to read.  You can get it at your local library or oder it on

Economics in German can be downloaded at Mises listed above and in Austria listed below:

Fokus Money:

Investments & Safe havens:

Gold Price:

Highly recommended online purchase of metals with physical possession:
(Note:  Not responsible for gains or losses.  Do your own investigation.)


Euro Pacific:

Additional Resources in German - Links

Resources for German

1.  Zeitschriften (lesen)



Readers Digest:


2.  Zeitungen (lesen)

Die Zeit:

Frankfurter Allgemeine:

Die Welt:

Faz Net:

3. Woerterbuch (nachschlagen)

4. Pons Bild Woerterbuch:

Das Auto:

5.  Goethe Institute (Auskunft/Informationen)

Auf Deutsch:

6.  Bibelstudium (hoeren oder lesen)

Thru the Bible:

Luther Bibel:

Various versions of the Bibel:

7.  Deutsch fuer Kinder:

8.  Deutsch Literatur (German Readers)


Online Lesen:

9.  German Newspapers in America:

10.  Filme:

German Links

Five Ways to Learn a Foreign Language:

Five Ways To Learn a Foreign Language

TV Stations in German:   Click "Fernseher"  Click on "Mediatek"

News English or German:

German Grammar:
Case in German